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Awww Hello Melissa
This is Twanda , This was the sweetest most heartfelt message… I deeply appreciate you, and this couldn’t have come at a better time. Your such a kind person and I will keep you and everyone connected to you in my prayers!! Thanks a MILLION ❤️


Melissa Jon and team, this was an Experience! Yes I know guys if your reading this it’s me Tina Jolly, after all the phone calls and stress I caused your office I felt I had to leave a review :)~ .. Anyways for those of you who do not know Credit Freedom all I can tell you if Credit Freedom will make good on any issues you have, I was with credit Freedom for a total of 10 months which was 4 months longer then I was told so yeah I was furious about this but on the 7 month i called the office flipping out because not only have I had my money taken 2 times already from other companies I really needed to use my credit, so I was transferred to Jon from credit freedom after 7 months of absolutely no results and Jon my gosh not only did you save me as a client but you saved my degree as my car blew up and i needed a new car for this years semester. Jon worked with me on the phone for hours until we figured out the issue, I had a security freeze on my credit report which I was unable to find out and Jon was able to due so, so Jon had the freezes lifted about 2 weeks after, once the freeze was lifted my accounts came off my credit totally 2 months later so here i am 10 months later getting ready for school and I have not a new car but a new used car because of Jon at Credit Freedom, now I am on the credit insurance plan so I guess ll leave you a loan Jon and deal with the office! Love you guys thanks again.

Tina Jolly

Melissa your amazing! Thank You 🙂 This was a very difficult thing for me to do as I tried 2 online services which I seen advertised in many different places but unfortunately they were not able to help me so when I was told about Credit freedom from Sam I told Sam listen i already been jerked twice but Same said Oscar listen if Melissa cannot help you I will pay your bill and I know Sam is a man of his word so now 9 months later here I am 80% repaired I would have been totally repair but I had an outstanding bill which i was unaware of and went to collections so now I am on the credit management plan by credit freedom working on that collection so I can get into my house by Christmas time. Again Melissa and Team thank you and Melissa please keep sending the word of god we all need the word.

Oscar Maning

Melissa my son James sent me to you and 9 months later I have the keys to my new home and when I hired you there was absolutely no way I was able to move into a home with your help I am now in my home thank you, I will be sending you my cousin Tamia shortly she is looking for a home as well.

Fomila Carlo

All I can say is Thank You Melissa.
I came to you o scared to give you my information as I was where i was for allowing other to use my information to obtain credit and for the past 10 years I used all my savings paying for holiday to treat my family but this past year I had not $1 to provide my family with a christmas which absolutely destroyed me and Melissa you and your office not only changed my credit score but you saved my family and money cannot buy what you and your office provides to your customers as my brother Tony and Mother Folima had the same experience thank you for being you.

James Carlo

Melissa and the team at credit freedom not only helped me get my credit but got me into my new car! I love everyone at credit freedom thank you

Melanie Cambell